• Joe Coulson


BunnyBox Studios - the four-man team behind Pair Up and Eleap Dangerous have decided to push for something a little bigger than a Games Jam and have been working on a co-op party game prototype called You Arrive in a Town. The game is being developed for Tranzfuser 2020, from which we aim to receive funding which would enable YAIAT to be developed to its full potential.

In order to comply with Tranzfuser's rules I can't currently provide a download link, but a short teaser video is available below for anyone interested:

My personal contributions to this project mostly revolved around gameplay programming and technical development. As a small team we all tend to wear a lot of hats, so I also contributed some design work and was in charge of the set-up and maintenance of our source control server.

YAIAT is still in the very early stages of development, but we have big plans for where we intend to take this game in the future, expanding the core hectic party-style gameplay into a full 1-4 player campaign with influences ranging from tabletop RPGs to resource management games. Watch this space!

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