• Joe Coulson


As mentioned in the "Down to Earth" entry, I've been working on a few things over the last few months, one of which is this little C# practice piece. I felt my programming skills needed a refresh after spending so much of the last year in UE4's blueprint, so I made this simple, no frills strategy game as a means to scrape off the rust.

TBATBS is less a game made for public consumption and more a showcase of my abilities. Despite its simplistic UI, MSPaint art style and complete lack of any sound, I managed - in a relatively short time - to create a grid-based movement system, procedural map generation, combat and resource management systems and even a rudimentary AI opponent. As a prototype and an expandable framework, I'm really quite proud of it and perhaps if I find time down the road I will build it up into a sleeker, more aesthetically pleasing and strategically complex version of what you see now. Feel free to check out the prototype here.

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