• Joe Coulson


Hot Air is a game I created purely in the pursuit of self-improvement. Despite selling myself as a programmer, I had zero experience with C++ prior to this game, so I opted to remedy that issue by spending some time working on a pure C++ project.

The game itself is a simple endless-scrolling shoot-em-up (albeit cleverly disguised as something more artsy) because I wanted to spend a relatively small amount of time on game design and as much time as possible getting stuck in to the coding. Throughout the production of the game, I made sure to learn as much as possible about the C++ implementation of core Object-Orientation principles, commonly used design patterns and Unreal Engine specific syntax. As a result, I feel like I now have a semi-competent understanding of C++ for UE4, which I intend to build on in the months following my graduation.

Hot Air was originally conceptualised as a pure C++ project, and was then re-envisioned and produced in (100% Blueprint free!) UE4 C++. It features art assets made primarily by myself, and sound/fonts found online.

Download Link: Get Hot Air

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