• Joe Coulson


Oh wow, this portfolio is long overdue an update, huh? For the past nine months I've been working at Green Tea Games in Sunderland, a job opportunity which saw me sell up and move across country in order to pursue my dream of working in the games industry. Now that I'm pushing a year here in the cold north, I can happily state that I don't regret it for a second.

At Green Tea, I work as a programmer and games developer, contributing fixes and updates to games with - in some cases - upwards of 50 million downloads and working alongside some incredibly talented and friendly people. My time here so far has taught me a lot about mobile development, as well as the professional pipeline and a plethora of more advanced coding practices which I had never interacted with previously. I've even had the chance to develop some new games for the company, and the process of seeing a game go from a design document to a finished product has been rewarding and incredibly informative.

To get a look at some of what I've been up to, check out the company on the Google Play store.

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