• Joe Coulson


Updated: May 24, 2021

"Down to Earth" was another game I made with Dan and Andrew from Bunny Box Games, and was created in two days for Ludum Dare 48. It's a simple arcade-style game wherein the goal is to extend your root as far downwards as possible while avoiding obstacles, cutting off opponents and keeping up with the camera by collecting pickups needed for boosting.

My job on the project was primarily to handle player control and AI, and was a great excuse for me to scape off some of the development rust. Due to working full time and being a little burned out following the release of "You Arrive in a Town" I've had a couple of months away from game dev, so this was a fun way to ease myself back into it. In the days/weeks following, I hope to be able to update this site with a few other projects which I've been chipping away at too.

Anyway, feel free to download Down to Earth here.

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