• Joe Coulson


Om is by far the biggest project I have ever worked on. This thirty-minute framework demo was created in Unreal Engine 4 over the course of eight months as my final year submission for my Computer Gameplay Design and Production degree from Stafforshire University, and stands as the biggest showcase of my talents in technical design, gameplay development and general-purpose game production.

As a local co-op turn based RPG framework, Om features fully functional systems for dungeon crawling, turn based combat, user interface navigation, stat and skill point allocation, enemy AI, item and equipment handling, NPC interaction, saving and loading, sound effects management, animation management and a whole lot of other things too numerous to mention here. I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved with this piece of work, and hope to continue steadily building it up into a complete game in the years to come.

Om uses art assets and music from Dungeon Mason, Hargissssound, Hoerspielwerkstatt, Kevin Macleod, Kickhat, MalberS Animations, Silverillusionist, Synty Studios, TMR Electronics and VR-Tech.

Download Link: Get Om

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